Our Chef

A native of Toulouse, France, Pierre cooked from an early age of 6 and decided to become a chef in his teens. In time-honored tradition, he began an apprenticeship at a local restaurant at 14, where despite tasks such as cleaning sheep testicles, he persevered, even winning first place in the regional Meilleur Apprenti de France.

Having served in the army and as a chef to a general, Pierre worked his way up the line, starting as a cook at the one-Michelin star Restaurant Pujol in Blagnac, southwestern France, under Chef Marcelin Pujol, where he learned to master sauces. He then moved to Paris to work at the venerable Taillevent, a three-Michelin star restaurant, under Claude Deligne. He subsequently went to Cannes to work with esteemed chef Jacques Chibois at the two-Michelin star Hotel Gray D’Albion. During the four years Pierre worked in his kitchen, Chibois became his mentor. It was also where he first met and worked closely with Chef Jean-Michel Diot. Pierre immersed himself in the lighter, more Mediterranean-style cuisine of the South of France, learning to cook with vegetables and olive oil instead of the duck fat common in the cooking of Toulouse.

After working as sous chef at the Michelin-star Les Muscadins in Mougins in Provence, Pierre took his first executive chef position at the Hotel Thalazur, a three-star hotel and spa in the South of France. When the opportunity to work in New York arose in 1993, he jumped at the chance, reuniting with Jean-Michel Diot at the Brasserie Des Theatres before becoming executive chef at the Barbizon Hotel. Offered a job as private chef with the Wildenstein family of international art dealers, he spent six years preparing family meals and lavish parties. Missing the excitement of restaurant life, he began consulting with the Dorino Restaurant Group, which owns multiple restaurants where he did the opening in Long Island and Manhattan, including Bistro Cassis and bistro Citron and served as Executive Chef.  In 2006, he was chef at Cercle Rouge in Tribeca.  He also opened the 75,000-square-foot, 500-seat waterfront space La Marina on Dyckman Street with a kitchen staff of 40 working under his direction.

But the lack of cooking brought Pierre to Soho’s Félix Restaurant.  In November 2012, he took over the Félix kitchen, a more intimate place, where he could get back to his love of cooking using his extensive talent and knowledge, and be closer to the people enjoying the restaurant’s classic French brasserie menu.